The Amazing Benefits of Art in Child Development

Art child development

Everyone has the power of imagination. Art takes this a step further. It’s through art that children learn to create something that, until that point, was only imaginable. Therefore, they make visual manifestations of abstract ideas.

Sewing is an essential skill that not so many children learn at school. In case you love to sew and would like your kids to gain the skill too, you can start teaching them to sew by hand and then with a sewing machine as they grow up.

You can begin with toddlers or teach them once they grow into adolescents. Sewing with children is largely a process rather than product.

Essentially, if a kid can make decisions regarding fabric or thread, placement and effort they’ll be incredibly excited with whatever they create and most importantly, they’ll enjoy sewing.

The project they work on should be chosen on the basis of their hand-eye coordination and the level of fun.

Why Choose Sewing?

I attribute learning to knit as a kid and still do it to date. I learned this art because I wanted to continue to do it, not because I had to, but because it has several benefits to any child developing a life-long love of sewing. Girls, as well as boys, should be taught to sew because sewing is largely a life skill.

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Kids can help in the following ways:

• Self-confidence
• Independence
• It brings out creativity
• Mechanical skills
• The ability to follow instructions
• Patience
• Discipline

Kids who may be struggling in other areas of the school curriculum find expressive outlets through art. It’s a way to uncover their abilities and talents that may not otherwise be seen.

Art paves way creativity and is a special means of communicating ideas, solutions and feelings in a way other than written or verbal.

Here’s a short video explaining how a child can express their inner thoughts with art.

How Can I Incorporate More Art?

For instance, always make crafts supplies available and accessible to your kids, be it paper, pencils, crayons, clothing, thread, etc.

Celebrate the works of your kids and hang their drawings on the wall. Save it in the folder. It helps your kids feel important and appreciated.

Read books and journals. Talk to the librarian about arts and sewing related activities.

Notice the arts around you and feel free to take your family to concerts, museums or theater. Notice the arts in parks, subways and even open spaces. Start conversations regarding what you see.

Enjoy the arts at home and share the artistic interests and skills with your kids. Find out what your kids love about the art.

Also, if your kids show interest in sewing, enroll them in sewing class. If possible, keep reminding your kids’ school authorities about the importance of art in your kids’ education.

The most important thing to watch for is for the kid to want to learn to sew or for it to be made such fun if they feel scared at trying it and will change their mind later.

Art in child development paves the way for the development of career skills. Teaching your kids to sew is a little different that teaching an adult. When training kids, it’s very important also to consider the kids’ developmental age.